I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid I haven't lived enough.

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She walked in giggling after a small party. Alright, so she had quite a bit to drink and walked to Mav’s place hoping for some soup and bed cuddles as they usually did.

She gasped as she saw him touching himself, groaning on the bed. “Oh my god, that thing is big. How are you not married?”

She giggled and waltz on over, hopping onto the bed next to him, ignoring his cock and hand. “Don’t you ever…I don’t know. No I don’t. Knocking is for losers and I’m awesome. How big is it? Like 5 inches?”

He watched as Lyla took a seat next to him on the bed and he arched his eyebrows at the girl. Was she serious? “I don’t know… want to measure it yourself?” Maverick asked in a kinda annoyed tone. “Will you really stay right there where you are?”

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they’re meant for each other 

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tinmantonystark said: Beautiful.

nope. but thanks

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I’m never taking these off♥

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 Dean’s teasing backfires and Sammy is very pleased

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Take that! My muse is flirting with someone else in an attempt to make your muse jealous. How does your muse respond?

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[text] Happy Valentine's Day, Theo... I wish I could give you a gift and that we could spend it together. Blame your stepfather for it ;) I love you



[text]: Damn it. I’ll fuck you again for this.
[text]: Thanks tho.

Theo didn’t answer Mave’s words; instead, he rode towards his boyfriend’s apartment, zipping through the traffic with Mave’s arms wrapped tightly on his torso. After a quick 15 minutes, they’ve arrived. “Here we are.” He rested the bike to the ground, released his helmet then unmounted his vehicle. “This is your apartment, right?”

His arms were wrapped tightly on Theo’s torso all the day to his house as Maverick leaned close to his boyfriend, pressing himself close to the other. When they got to his place, he hopped off the bike and nodded at Theo’s words. “Yeah, it is.” He chuckled softly and leaned in to kiss Theo softly after he released his helmet. “C’mon, let’s go inside.” Maverick said softly, taking his boyfriend’s hand in his.

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"Come and dance."



"Of course bestie."

"My vision is perfect thank you. Oh, right. Makes sense actually. I go to dance school though so allow me to compliment you on your moves."

He chuckled softly. “Thank you, dear. I’ve been dancing at clubs and things like that since I was 16 or something like that so I had a lot of time to improve.”


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